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The Point One Staff

Kevin Herbert, P.E. (Partner, Mechanical Engineer)

David Ulliman (Partner, Electrical Design)

Nate Modlich (Partner, Mechanical Design)

Kenneth Adams (Mechanical Design & IT Manager)

Chris Baker, LEED AP (Mechanical Design)

Lewis Clarke (Mechanical Design)

Nancy Davis (Electrical & Technology Design)

Jeff DuPay (Mechanical Design)

John Durda (Mechanical Design and Autocad Technician)

Virgil Ellett (Electrical Design)

Patrick English (Electrical Design and Autocad Technician)

Debbie Herbert, CPD (Certified Plumbing Design)

Derek Kissinger (Autocad Technician)

Jim Knockel, P.E. (Electrical Engineer)

Michael Landon (Mechancial Design and Autocad Technician)

Todd Lowe, P.E. (Mechanical Engineer)

Matt Peterlin (Mechanical Design)

Luke Prinsen (Mechanical Design)

Michelle Thomas (Plumbing Design & Production Manager)

Eric Ulliman (Autocad Technician)

Cleveland Office
9941 York Theta Drive
North Royalton, Ohio 44133
440-230-1821 (fax)
Columbus Office
2800 Corporate Exchange Drive,
Suite 270 Columbus, Ohio 43231 
614-540-3502 (fax)

We got everyone to sit still long enough to snap a photo at our annual company cookout.  It's a great looking bunch if you squint a little...

Services Include:


educational, commercial/retail, health care, institutional, multi-family residential, religious and industrial/manufacturing applications

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